Accountancy Board

The accounting board is to provide customer assistance particularly in the field of accounting but may also cover the administrative, financial and fiscal, in a manner appropriate to customer needs ...Read More »


A3C supports public and private organizations in their transformation projects and research performance in a constant concern for risk management and compliance with the regulations .... Read More »

IT Advisory

The IT & Advisory team of our firm, help individual companies operating in different sectors, groups of private and public companies and non-profit organizations to become more efficient but .. Read More »


The financial audit is intended to express an opinion on regularity, sincerity and fair view of the financial statements of a company or group of companies ... Read More »

Last News

Integra International Admits Another New Member in Africa
Audit and consulting firm in Tunisia is a welcome addition to our growing African footprint.

A3C - Audit, Accounting, Advisory, Consulting, from Tunis, Tunisia, has been accepted as a new member of Integra International..... Read More »
December 11, 2014


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